True stories

The Carer’s Story


This video introduces Karen’s story and how, without realising it, she drifted from being a wife to being a carer. We are all carers to those we love. However, when “being a carer” takes over from being a wife, husband, son, daughter, mother, or father, we can forget the importance of our original relationship and who we are as individuals. We suppress our needs and focus on theirs.

Others might advise us to look after ourselves, but we have neither the time, or space, to do so. Dee Burrows, Clinical Nurse Specialist, who is referred to in the film, took time to focus on Karen, as well as her wife, athough Karen cannot recall the conversation – typically, carers can be so overwhelmed they do not notice others may care about them.

Karen began to feel forgotten and became anxious and depressed without even noticing it. It was only as her wife’s situation improved, that Karen realised the impact on herself.

If you find her video helpful, please keep an eye out for our forthcoming reosurce Ten Footsteps for People Living with Someone with Pain – coming soon to this website.

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