Self management

Ten Footsteps to Living Well with Pain

This five page A4 booklet is based on the book An Introduction to Living Well with Pain, by Frances Cole.

The book’s ‘ten footsteps’ are:

  • Footstep 1: What do we know about persistent pain?
  • Footstep 2: Acceptance
  • Footstep 3: Pacing every day for better times
  • Footstep 4: Set goals, action plans and rewards
  • Footstep 5: Getting fit and staying active
  • Footstep 6: Managing moods
  • Footstep 7: Sleep well more often
  • Footstep 8: Healthy eating, managing relationships and work
  • Footstep 9: Relaxation and mindfulness
  • Footstep 10: Managing setbacks

The footsteps are summarised in an easy to read format, with key messages and tips for each step.

Download the booklet