Self management links

Useful links to resources

For a really comprehensive set of links to online resources covering everything from neck pain to foot pain (and everything in between) check out this list of self-management resources compiled by Keele University:

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Useful websites


An excellent site around mindfuless approaches to persistent pain with details on access to range of courses, face to face, telephone, online. Very helpful resources to buy from site; CDs books and downloads. Vidyamala Burch suffers with long term spinal pain and shares the value of mindfulness in self managing in her books.


Award winning site provides information from people with pain or other health conditions. Trusted, valued and uses video, audio and reading resources on topics like the search for a cause, impact on the family and friends, coming to terms with persistent pain and many other issues.

Pain Toolkit

Valued popular site where Pete Moore shares the Paintoolkit and the 12 tools to self manage pain. In over 20 languages and uses live scribe approach. It has lots of useful resources.

Pain Concern

Creative and supportive website with many resources, a helpline and radio broadcasts on many topics around pain from leading clinicians and people with pain.

Websites about sleep


An online sleep programme developed by experts in sleep science and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Linked with Colin Espie’s book (see above), the website provides access to tools and techniques that are proven to improve sleep.

The Sleep Council

Provides helpful advice and tips on how to improve sleep quality.

The Sleep School

Offers access to online courses and workshops to help you sleep better. Sessions are delivered by a sleep specialists team led by Dr Guy Meadows.