Footsteps Festival 2021

Pet Show and Tell – social gathering


A friendly informal social occasion where we can show each other our pets (the more portable ones!) and have a lively discussion about the many and varied ways they help us live better with pain.

Sunday 11th April 4pm London Time

  • Topics we would like to cover include: connecting with our pets given possible limitations
  • training, exercise and enrichment for various types of pets using LIMA principles (Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive)
  • caring for various types of pets and ensuring both their and our welfare (especially during flare-ups etc)
  • suitable environments for different types of pets and pets that work for our personal circumstances
  • anything and everything involved with living with pets and pain

You are of course more than welcome to come even if you don’t have pets or if you just want a cute animal fix!

This session will be facilitated by Niki and Nadja.

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