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“Journal Club” – open discussion of the latest in pain science


“Journal Club” is for ANYONE who is interested in research into pain, in any way. Whether you are someone who lives with pain, a professor of neuroscience, a new PhD student, a clinician or someone who cares for someone who lives with pain or any combination of those – we want the widest and most informal and relaxed discussion of pain science via new (or interesting) journal papers.

Join us at 7.00 pm BST on  Thursday 1st September on Zoom.

Journal Club will be the first Thursday of every month at 7.00 pm BST

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Please join us for very informal and relaxed discussion club on various research papers on the very wide topic of the pain sciences – we hope that we can encourage peoples interest in various subjects though the latest and interesting publications in these fields.

We want this to be open to anyone with an interest in pain – whether you live with pain or care for someone who does and want to learn more about your experience and what the latest research is covering, or you are in academia yourself and want to join a mixed group to widen your influences, or if you are a health care professional and want to catch up on thoughts about the latest research…

Everyone is equal in our club…

The club will involve either discussion of a relevant research paper or a presentation by a guest researcher along with informal discussions and opportunities to suggest what areas you would like to see further research in.

We hope that we can grow this club to fit whatever its participants want it to be for most gain – come and help us do so!

We are delighted to be sponsored by Newcastle University for three months – thank you!


Journal club an informal club to discuss pain research papers - open to anyone with an interest. on the first Thursday of every month on zoom 7 pm


various research papers

The date for the next Journal Club is Thursday 1st September 7.00 pm BST for an hour or so..

It will be the first Thursday of every month

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