Footsteps Festival 2021

The Wellbeing Tent

Explore the many issues that can affect our wellbeing – right here in the Wellbeing Tent. We have sessions on everything from meditation to mental health, managing depresssion to dealing with anger, worry and fear. It’s not all an emotional rollercoaster – you’ll also find out how to relax, and how to get that ever-elusive ‘good night’s sleep’.

Upcoming Events

The Discovery Zone

Welcome to the Discovery Zone! We will look at what Research on pain is, how it works and how and why its important to people who live with pain. We will look at how you can access research results, how...

Discovery Zone: Join in Research!

Pain research opportunities for people who live with Pain. Visit this page to view research projects that are looking for participants. Please check back regularly as the Event will be updated. 1) WITHIN study with the University of Warwick (Amazon...

Latest Event

The Ten Footsteps Programme

Applications to the current programme are now closed. However we'll be running it again soon so if you're interested in joining the next series, get in touch...