Footsteps Festival 2021

The People Place

The People Place is all about family, carers and friends. Come to meet other people with similar experiences. Explore what people with pain – and the people around us – need, to live well despite our pain. We’re also planning some fascinating sessions exploring ‘pain in society’ – how social environment and relationships have an impact on how we experience pain.

Upcoming Events

Coffee and Chat

Coffee and Chat is an informal weekly drop-in that's happening throughout the year, where you can come and meet others online who are living with pain or caring for someone living with pain, for a chat about absolutely anything!

Latest Event

VIDEO – Book Plug with Phil Sizer chronic pain the drug-free way

Enjoy the Book Plug presentation of Phil Sizer’s great book “Chronic Pain the drug free way” – this is a comprehensive book detailing methods of managing chronic pain with personal empowerment and self care garnered from years spent working in...