Footsteps Festival 2021

Pain and the Brain

Understanding your pain is one of the most powerful ways to begin to get a grip on what’s happening with your body – and with your life. We are learning more and more about persistent pain – and how to change the way we experience it. So come inside and find out all about pain and your brain!

Upcoming Events

Living well with Fibromyalgia

Join experts and people living with Fibromyalgia for this exploration of how living well despite Fibromyalgia is possible. This session intends to provide an overview of some of the research related to fibromyalgia, physical activity and sleep and discuss how...

The Discovery Zone

Welcome to the Discovery Zone! We will look at what Research on pain is, how it works and how and why its important to people who live with pain. We will look at how you can access research results, how...

Facing Up To Pain – exploring Facial Pain Video conversation (with Prof Zak)

Facial Pain affects a surprising number of people - with varying conditions having major impacts on quality of life. In this Information Event we explore this area, with contributions from the doyenne of Facial Pain Professor Joanna Zakrzewska , Clinical...

Latest Event

Flippin’ Pain Event Video

Flippin’ Pain is a public health campaign that provides resources for people living with persistent pain and their families, so they can understand it better. Felicity Thow from Flippin’ Pain shares some of the campaign’s key messages and answers audience...