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“Journal Club” – open discussion of the latest in pain science

"Journal Club" is for ANYONE who is interested in research into pain, in any way. Whether you are someone who lives with pain, a professor of neuroscience, a new PhD student, a clinician or someone who cares for someone who...

Online interviews about pain and self-compassion

Are you an adult living with persistent pain? Are you interested in taking part in research? Laura is a trainee clinical psychologist at Newcastle University. She is researching  pain and of self-compassion. Would you like to sign up for an...

Uni of Bath looking for Knee Osteoarthritis Study Participants

Take Part in an important research study looking at the effects of diet and exercise on knee osteoarthritis - this great study is looking for participants 45 - 69 years of age, click for further information!

Welcome to the Discovery Zone

Welcome to the Discovery Zone! We will look at what Research on pain is, how it works and how and why its important to people who live with pain. We will look at how you can access research results, how...

Developing a new drug-free approach for people with painful diabetic neuropathy

Developing a new drug-free approach for people with painful diabetic neuropathy This research is led by David Hohenschurz-Schmidt, osteopath and pain researcher at Imperial College London. "People with diabetes and associated nerve damage (diabetic peripheral neuropathy) lack good non-drug treatment...

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#UPLiFT2021 – the on-line conference for people living with pain

On-Line Conference running from 2nd to 23rd November 2021 This is an amazing opportunity for people living with pain, those who care for them and health care professionals to attend events at an on-line conference run by The Global Alliance...